Sunday, September 7, 2008

How it began...

Anna Carson introduced us. Diane wanted to write a song about a widow; I had written a poem. That's how I became a lyricist! Evidently that is all it takes, someone willing to write music to your poetry!

That was about 18 years ago, and we have written many songs, musicals, and programs since then.

I must say that I'm chagrined when people ask me if I "wrote" the music they just heard. I don't write music, you see. I only write the words. Diane is the one who has the genius for melody and setting, the knowledge, and the patience to work with me!

It's been great; that's the truth of it.

Toni Thomas

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Claire said...

Yeah, what a blessing it has been to have met up with each other! I am glad you did, Diane is awesome. And your music is AWESOME!!!