Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joseph Knew

This song is probably our best known. It is difficult to write a song about Joseph Smith; there is so much to say, but it's hard to find a new way to say it!

But the title pretty well sums up the song--Joseph knew. He saw; he heard; he felt; he knew. And with that knowledge, he was unshakeable from the course the Lord had set for him.

We originally wrote this song over 10 years ago for a fireside about Emma Smith. Since then, it has been included in plays, several missionary CD efforts, and many other sacrament meetings and firesides.

How have you used it? Send us a message and let us know!

Link to "Joseph Knew"


starryeyes said...

I love all your songs. You two are a unique couple.. and its beautiful how you got together. Keep the songs coming love toni's mom

Evan said...

I have heard this song sung several times at firesides or in sacrament meetings, and I like it a lot. With as much as can be said about Joseph Smith and the plethora of content out there about him and his story, I like how simple the message of this one is.

Anonymous said...

My then-BF (now DH!) sang this song for me and played guitar when we were first dating. It was so hot in a holy way! I really love this song so much. It has changed how I think about JS and stuff. Thanks, and keep writing!!!!!