Thursday, October 2, 2008

As I Am Loved

Diane and I were asked to write this song for a Stake Visiting Teaching Conference. The song is a duet, one voice representing a sister desperately needing fellowship and comfort, and the other her visiting teacher. I believe that every woman can relate to the expressions of emotion that both parts relate: the feelings of isolation and discouragement and the strong desire to be an instrument in the Lord's hands, to love as we are loved.

The song climaxes in the final chorus were the two separate choruses--prayers, really--weave around each other to exemplify the principle that we need each other: 

"Father, ... look upon me with thine eye"/"Father, make me wise, help me see with thine eyes." 

"Give me strength to bear, the burdens I despair"/"Teach me to watch with care, for burdens I can share." 

"If it be Thy will, make my storms be stilled"/"Help me understand; Make me thy hands."

The point of the song is that we cannot become like Christ unless we are willing to love and serve, and also willing to accept love and service. sometimes the latter is more difficult than the former.

Diane has created a wonderful musical setting for this song; it is complex and somewhat difficult, but well worth the trouble.

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