Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watch With Me

I have always loved the works of Carl Bloch--his paintings always have a story to tell. When we were decorating our new home (not new anymore--this was nine years ago) I wanted just the right art work in our entry way. I wanted a certain Bloch painting, "Doubtful Thomas." For obvious reasons.

At the time, Bloch works were not readily available, and so I figured I'd just have to frame an old and, therefore, cool, book plate. I got on the internet and finally found a book of his works that was some 80 years old, but the description was in Danish, so I wasn't exactly sure what the volume was. I decided to buy the book anyway and take my chances.

It turned out to be a treasure--23 folio sized photoengravings of Bloch's works from the King's Praying Chamber in Frederiksborg Castle Chapel. One of them I had never seen before--it was a depiction of Christ in Gethsemane being comforted by an angel, a stunning piece of art. But this old, black and white photoengraving also showed something that is no longer visible today today due to the darkening of the work with age (See full color print here.). Off in the shadows, to the left of the Savior, a disciple is visible, fast asleep. 

Now I mentioned that Bloch always has a story to tell, and this one jumped right out at me. "Which are you," the painting seemed to ask, "the sleeping disciple or the angel, comforting the Savior in his extremity?"

That is the story that "Watch With Me" tells. Knowing that the Savior gave the ultimate gift on our behalf, at the greatest possible price, for the highest of reasons, are we willing to serve Him with our best? Or are we sleeping disciples, easily distracted, half in the shadows?

Diane has created one of her most beautiful musical settings for this song; hope you enjoy it!


Guinevere said...

I miss those pictures! I got a Teichert framed-- it should be done this week. The frame is AWESOME.

Amaree said...

Watch With Me is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait for the opportunity to have it performed in my Branch. Thank you for sharing.