Sunday, November 9, 2008

If Not for Love

The phrase came to me one day, "If not for love, what then?" What would we do if the Savior had not loved us? Certainly there would be no earth, no sun, no life. Even if there would be life, we would be doomed to endless damnation, with no way to move beyond the mistakes we make in life.

There would be no comforting peace of the Spirit to ease the journey. No exemplary life to show us a better way to live.

Somehow the phrase became the Christmas song, "If Not for Love." The images in the verses portray the condescension of Christ: "the King of Kings no castle knows; Swaddling rags for royal robes." And yet as this great gift was given, people went on their various ways, oblivious: "While in the city people sleep."

Diane has written beautiful, aching music to accompany the lyrics. We hope that together they will help you and your listeners to find greater appreciation in the love of the Savior, and greater determination to wake up and seek Christ.


Vicki Gill said...
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Vicki Gill said...

How do you sing this song? I can sing the chorus no problem, but the verses are very tricky I can't figure out the middle parts of the verses. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe you can put something up on youtube. Thanks!

Melissa Collett said...

I am finding the exact same thing!! Without a pianist I can't seem to work out where the words fit in as the "melody" on this backing track is not matching up for me.