Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Garden

This song is very dear to Diane and me. It is one of the first songs we wrote together so many years ago. It is, in fact, my husband's favorite of our songs.

The text uses the metaphor of the garden as the heart or soul of a person--the place where our desires and intentions reside. The song is very personal to me; it is the story of how when I neglect my spirituality, it isn't long before my beautiful garden becomes overgrown, full of weeds, and not a very nice place to be. At those times I need of hand of the gardener, or the Savior, to restore my garden to a place of beauty. When peace and order are restored, then I find the presence of the Holy Dove--representing the Spirit of God--abides also there. The lovely flute trill is intended to represent birdsong.

This song was written to be sun by Anna Bjarnson Carson--who is an amazing, operatic soprano. It is difficult vocally and has a difficult flute score. But it is so very well worth the trouble to find the musicians capable of doing it justice.

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