Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrust in Your Sickle (SAB)

I love the imagery of the scriptures. I love that the Lord has taken abstract principles and related them to every day things we can smell and touch and hold. These metaphors often deal with the routine rhythms of our days--snow as purity, blood as life, chains as ignorance.

And the harvest. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. There is in the air a feeling of change. A last chance to gather in all of the summer's good intentions and hunker down for the coming blast of winter. It makes sense that the harvest would be associated with missionary work--gathering in the children of God so they are not forgotten.

I decided to one day pull together all of the promises, admonitions, encouragement, and warnings associated with the harvest addressing the need to bring souls unto salvation. There are quite a few. It took me awhile but I synthesized as many as I could into the text of this song:

We know not when the summer shall be past;
When the summer has an end, will your harvest be made fast?
Or will you return with empty hands?

I love the music Diane created for the song. It evokes determination, anticipation, and yet melancholy at the final work before us as we labor in the waning light and prepare for the return of the Lord.

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